Why Does Facebook Say Yes to a TIME Breastfeeding Cover But No to Other Breastfeeding Images?

May 14, 2012
7:28 PM

So, by now, you have seen it. The "famous" TIME magazine cover. It was all over the social web. Everyone was posting it and everyone was talking about it.

When we posted it last Friday on our Facebook site, our community commented and we had a great discussion about cultural and social norms. Many people saw the beauty of the cover while others just saw TIME just being TIME and privilege being privilege.

Yesterday for Mother's Day, some of us Rebeldes posted a few other photos of indigenous women breastfeeding their child. The pictures were real, authentic and beautiful. The point was that all mothers are nurturing. All mothers represent love. We don't need a TIME cover to justify it or tell us what we think about nurture and love. Well, after a few hours, over 200 likes and about 50 shares, the photos we posted were gone, but the TIME cover was still up. The photos we posted were not only gone from our wall but on the walls of individuals as well. Guess Facebook deemed the photos "inappropriate" or someone reported us.

Nonetheless, when we said the following tonight on our Facebook site

So after getting such a response from others, we went ahead and posted another picture that we loved, and so does our community:

No mames, Facebook.