Only In Puerto Rico: San Juan Mayor Will Officially Name Street in Honor of Iris Chacón

May 15, 2012
11:16 AM

Ay, Puerto Rico.

Today, according to, San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini Padilla will announce that Calle Austria (Austria Street) in the Puerto Nuevo section of the island capital's city will be renamed Calle Iris Chacón (Iris Chacón Street) to honor the Puerto Rican entertainer who achieved cult status in the 70s and 80s as the "Vedette of América." Calle Iris Chacón will be close to Roberto Clemente Coliseum and Hiram Bithorn Stadium, as well as near Plaza la Américas, Puerto Rico's largest shopping mall.

"There is no doubt that Iris Chacón was able to travel the world proudly representing Puerto Rico when the technology tools of today did not exist. There was no Internet to find out about her without her moving from [Puerto Rico], so it was harder for her to become famous at that time," Santini said in a statement that we translated into English.

Well, who knew that Chacón's nalgas and moves would ever get her an actual street named after her.