Will the ‘American Patriots’ Boycott Bread if They Found Out a Mexican Company Is the USA’s Largest Baker?

May 17, 2012
12:44 AM

Those Mexicans.

They steal our jobs.

And bake our breads.

Very few Americans, and we would venture to guess that none of those “patriots” who think that this country is being “taken over” by Mexicans, would even know that this country’s largest baker is in fact a Mexican multinational.

Yes, meet Bimbo Bakeries USA, a division of Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company that was established in 1945. It is the fourth largest food company in the world, and its US division is the country’s largest baker. Oh yeah, Bimbo (yes, we still giggle with the name “bimbo,” but that is not the point here) also sponsors the US Olympic team.

Here are just a sample of the brands that Grupo Bimbo’s US division owns:

  • Entenmann’s
  • Thomas’ (yes, those famous English muffins)
  • Boboli pizza
  • Arnold’s
  • Brownberry
  • Oroweat
  • Freihofer’s
  • Stroehmann
  • Sara Lee (yes, flipping Sara Lee)

Soccer fans in North America also know Bimbo as the major sponsor of clubs such as Monterrey, Chivas, América, and MLS’ Philadelphia Union.

So the next time you toast your English muffin or eat a Boboli, just remember that they are all part of a global company founded in Mexico. Yeah, Mexicans aren’t stealing our jobs at all. They are actually creating jobs, around 15,000 US employees.

Suck it, nativists. The Reconquista has already happened and it started at your local bakery aisle. Unless of course, you don’t eat bread, pizza or doughnuts. Which would be so unAmerican we would shudder at the thought.