From The Three Sonorans: Is Cesar Chavez Rolling Over in His Grave as UFW Continues to Go Corporate?

May 21, 2012
9:14 AM

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I am very disappointed in this year’s sponsorship in the 50th year anniversary of the UFW by Budweiser. This logo on the front of the convention center is straight wack! First the Navy ship being named after Cesar Chavez and now this? What the hell happened to this union, makes me want to burn my UFW flag, but it is the honor of my grandfather and many unknowns that put in work, blood and tears that I will not. Very disheartening!

-Tomas Alejo

The students of Tucson are still waiting for Dolores Huerta to fulfill her promise of joining us in our struggle if Arizona banned Mexican American Studies, which it did 4 months ago

… yet somehow she has time to take pictures with Fresno Farmers and pesticide corporate folks like Rodney Britz Glassman while Cesar Chavez used to fast against what they were making money off of.

Then the same Glassman supporters, aka Grijalvistas, in charge of the Cesar Chavez march in Tucson cower to the racists at TUSD who banned the march from its traditional starting point at Pueblo High School.

Cesar Chavez was able to march to the state capitol for justice. Today Raul Grijalva can’t even show up to TUSD to help out our community but has the time to have his own ban, getting his minion Luis Heredia to prohibit voter lists from a former Democratic Latina state senator running for US Congress.

Got Cholo Politics?

And hey, now the UFW is brought to you by Anheuser-Busch! Don’t miss the Corona-sponsored session on the importance of boycotts, and the Jose Cuervo-sponsored session on negative American stereotypes of Mexican culture.

Don’t forget to pour some drank out on the ground in honor of Cesar Chavez. It’s not pissing on his grave, it’s Budweiser (though the taste is the same)!