EastWillyB Community Fundraising Drive Proves That Independent Latino Programming Has Audience

May 29, 2012
8:10 PM

To all of those who might have rolled their eyes a bit when the peeps from EastWillyB said they were going to raise $50,000 in 50 days to fund the show's second season, well we are here to tell you that nothing is impossible. As of tonight, the EastWillyB-ers have raised over $38,000 (76% of their goal) and there are still less than three days left.

You KNOW you want to chip in and help and prove to the world that real, authentic, independent Latino programming can be a reality in this world. We love EastWillyB like Rebelde Familia, and we are asking that if you can, even if it is just 5 bucks, give to the show. You will not regret it. And you can say that you were a part of the first community-funded Latino sitcom ever. How's that for history?

We asked the show's head honcho co-creators and executive producers to share their thoughts about how the campaign has gone so far. Considering that when we finally met them in person last week over really overpriced New York hotel drinks, we hit it off like two long-lost tribes of Latinolandia, so it wasn't hard to get a comment from them today.

“The most incredible feeling is to see the name of a friend you haven't spoken to in years pop up in your email as a donor. More than the financial significance, to know that people believe in your message and are willing to share in these strapped times is an indescribable feeling,” said Yamin Segal.

"We are on our way to proving that a real audience exists for quality socially-conscious entertainment, featuring Latinos. We are so humbled and proud of the support coming in the form of donations and social media shout outs and rebel-rousing from across the country. ¡Sí se puede!" said Julia Ahumada Grob.

So don't forget to give and help promote independent Latino programming!