New York Daily News Apologizes for Printing Cuban Flag on Puerto Rican Day Parade Announcement

Jun 7, 2012
4:29 PM

Just hours after an editor from Latino Rebels uploaded the following picture to our Facebook site, which shows New York Giants boricua star Victor Cruz in front of two Cuban flags promoting the June 10 Puerto Rican Day Parade in the "viva New York" section of the New York Daily News, a spokesperson for the newspaper issued the following apology to us via email:

"As the presenting media sponsor, the Daily News apologizes to the Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latino communities as well as parade sponsors who were offended by our honest mistake. It will be rectified in tomorrow's paper."

The photo has indeed gone viral, having made the Puerto Rican press just hours after we broke the story and gathering interest from other media outlets, including The New York Times.

CREDIT: and Nicolas Figueroa

Around 5pm EST today, an hour after the newspaper spoke to us, the Daily News' Twitter page tweeted the following: