The New York Daily News Goofs By Printing Cuban Flag in Section on Puerto Rican Day Parade

Jun 7, 2012
1:39 PM

What's in the Daily News? We'll tell you what is in the Daily News, the picture of a Cuban flag next to New York Giants boricua star Victor Cruz advertising this Sunday's Puerto Rican Day Parade. Talk about an oops. That is one big oops, considering that the parade is one of the city's most popular ones and the Puerto Rican community has been a major force in the city's culture for decades.

We just called the newspaper and they told us that they will be printing a correction tomorrow, but that no statement has been issued.

UPDATE, 3:45 EST: We did manage to get in touch with the public relations agency of the Daily News and they told us that a statement will be issued by them very soon but that this was basically a honest mistake. Some mistake.

UPDATE 4:31 EST: The Daily News has apologized.