The UFW Continues to Stay Silent About Budweiser Logo Appearing Under the Iconic “Sí se puede” Image

Jun 11, 2012
1:17 PM

Nine email requests. Four phone calls. Two weeks of follow-up, and the United Farm Workers (UFW) has yet to answer the following questions we have for them regarding the placement of a Budweiser logo under the iconic "Sí se puede" image that has become a symbol of US Latino pride for many. The following text below is what we wrote to them on May 25. Last Thursday, we called them for the fourth time and emailed them again saying that we are just going to assume that the UFW's non-response to our questions means a no comment. So we guess that the UFW has no comment about our questions for now. In addition, our Facebook account is now blocked by the UFW's official Facebook page.

We are requesting clarification or background regarding the following image that shows Budweiser signage under the UFW logo. Do you have a statement about this? Also would it be possible to have the following questions answered? Also, if you prefer a phone conversation, let us know whom we can talk to?

Here are our questions:

1. Can you provide the context and background about the Budweiser logo being placed under the UFW "Sí se puede" logo?

2. Does the UFW have a sponsorship agreement with Budweiser?

3. How does the Budweiser logo reflect the principles of the UFW and its organization?

Any additional comments or clarifications would be greatly appreciated. We would like to run a piece about this and make sure we get your perspective on this.

We understand that organizations can choose to not comment publicly, nor do they have to answer any questions we submit. But we continue to get emails about this story and there is interest, and how much would it hurt the UFW to answer what was submitted? What do they gain by not answering questions? Here's hoping we get answers and clarifications directly from the organization. We truly don't think that people are that upset, we think they just want some answers, or a statement, or an actual response.

The same came be said of Anheuser-Busch, who initially told us that the company would have a statement to share. That was two weeks ago. We have called them again and emailed the individual who said a statement would be done. Nothing yet, at least nothing sent to us.