Facebook Page of UFW Deletes Fans’ Comments About Budweiser Logo Under “Sí se puede” Symbol

Jun 12, 2012
2:18 PM

Yesterday, after we reported a story that our constant requests to ask the United Farm Workers (UFW) a few basic questions about the use of a Budweiser logo under the organization's iconic "Sí se puede" symbol have been ignored and has also led to the UFW's Facebook page blocking our founder for posting the very same questions we submitted via email, several community members posted their comments to the UFW's wall. Here is what they said around 2pm yesterday:


Eight hours later, the post by Bloome, Molina, and one post by Henríquez no longer appeared on the wall:

One community member even posted our original email to the UFW:

We don't know much, but we do know social media. We delete comments on our site as well, but only when such a comment is a threat to people or is full of hateful speech that could harm people in the community. In fact, we allow for a lot of dissenting opinions on our Facebook. But when you delete comments because you don't want to answer basic questions or feel that you have an image to protect, you are turly not doing social media right. You have to take both the good, the bad, and the tough questions being asked. We still don't know why the UFW does not want to address some very basic questions about its relationship with Anheuser-Busch. Why not just engage people and be honest in your answers? Face the issue head on. Deleting comments and staying silent will only raise the awareness of a story that quite frankly would have found closure much sooner if the UFW just answered some basic questions or went on record to share its side of the story.