New York Times Credits DREAMers’ Protests at Obama Offices for Shift in Immigration Policy

Jun 18, 2012
10:45 AM

Who said that you can't impact change? When news that young DREAMers were occupying the Denver office of President Obama's campaign started to get reported, many progressives and Obama supporters scoffed at the DREAMers' silliness. Why upset the President's campaign efforts, don't you know that staging sit-ins and protests against an administration that has deported a record number of undocumented will get you nowhere?

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That effort got some major credibility this morning in The New York Times. The Times did a piece about why the President's shift in immigration policy had happened on Friday. One of the major reasons? The DREAMers who sat inside Obama for America offices in Colorado, Ohio, and Michigan. Here is what the Times said:

And last week, students without immigration papers started a campaign of sit-ins and hunger strikes at Obama campaign offices in more than a dozen cities, saying that despite his promises, the president was continuing to deport immigrants like them.

Granted, many DREAMers are still skeptical about the President's announcement, but still, those "silly" sit-ins led to an initial first step, an initial action, that quite frankly, should have happened a long time ago.