This Explains It All: Why Mitt Romney Needs Better Internet People for His Latino Outreach

Jun 19, 2012
3:41 PM

This one is a simple one. Go to and you get this:

Go to and you get this (well you GOT this for a few hours today but now takes you straight to Romney's web site):

Granted, maybe the web guys at Romney 2012 don't have that URL as an official Latino outreach page, but when your main opponent at least has content for US Latino voters on his site, you might want to make sure that your URL has something as well. Even a Juntos con Romney logo. Again, maybe this is not Romney's official Latino outreach page (is there one? all we seem to find are unofficial ones like this one or this one.)

Maybe this is NOT the best way to improve your Latino voter outreach. Basic web things can hurt you. Was the Romney page hacked?