OUTERNATIONAL’S “We Are All Illegals” Debut Video Features Tom Morello, Chad Smith, and Calle 13

Jun 27, 2012
12:10 PM

Today NYC-based rockers OUTERNATIONAL released a new video for We Are All Illegalsthe eponymous single off the album released just before the New Year, Todos Somos IlegalesWe Are All Illegals. This bilingual cinema-in-sound concept album focuses on the border, the USA, and the system that criminalizes those who create the wealth it rests upon. The album features collaborators Tom Morello, Chad Smith, Residente Calle 13—who all make appearance in the video—as well as Ceci Bastida, Bob Avakia, and Uproot Andy.


After six months of touring in 2012, including the band's official SXSW-debut and We Are All Illegals 2-month tour, OUTERNATIONAL's video also featured 100+ fans worldwide who submitted footage of themselves singing their favorite lyrics and depicting scenes which explore and reflect the song. As OUTERNATIONAL's Miles Solay says:

One day it will seem as ridiculous for a human being to be deemed "illegal" by a government as it now seems for one person to own another person..Until that day.. we hereby declare, "WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS." Together with René Pérez Joglar, Tom Morello, Chad Smith, Thom Russo, Chad Smith and many others, we hope to spread the 'We Are All Illegals' music video to all corners of the US, as well as throughout Latin America with the purpose of sending a clear message that the very notion of any human being deemed illegal is obscene, absurd, and obsolete."

The band produced the video during the tour, with footage shot deep in the Texas borderlands. TODOS official video partner and editor, Cuéntame, premiered the band's first video The Beginning Is Here and published the third in a series of four Tour Diaries. LatinoRebels.com published the second leg of the tour diary.



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