Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s Immigration Memes Become Facebook Viral Hits

Jun 29, 2012
10:25 AM

All you brands and people who want to succeed on Facebook should look at what the Facebook page of US Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) did this week. First off, set it up with a video for the ages (over 60,000 views in like 2 days) on the floor of Congress that got picked up by outlets such as TMZ and others.

Then follow up with some very clever Facebook memes that have gotten thousands of likes and shares in less than 48 hours. Rep. Gutierrez is becoming the Social Media Congressman, no? Here are the three images that are going viral on Facebook.

Bieber vs. Gomez: Pick out the immigrant. Over 1,000 likes and 560 shares so far.

Gerardo vs. Koppel. Over 570 likes and 290 shares so far.

But the best one is saved for last. Understanding that social media is a nerd's paradise, Gutierrez's page posted Olmos vs. Shatner. Jackpot. Over 1,000 likes and now at 1,599 shares.