Dear Jason Mattera: #NoMames with Your Lame and Racist “Pedro the Illegal Alien” Skit

Jul 1, 2012
10:16 PM

Jason Mattera is an ambush personality. We couldn't say that he is an actual journalist, just a personality who has made a career of catching the DC establishment off guard and selling it as "reporting." It really isn't journalism, but that isn't the point of this post.

Mattera, who is of Puerto Rican and Italian descent, now has a weekend radio show on WABC's 770 AM, home to Imus, Rush, and others. And today, Mattera tried to be witty with a "Pedro the Illegal Alien" bit. Instead, it was lame and racist. You would expect such drivel from the John Justices of the world in the Az, but really, Jason, you are a New Yorker, a boricua, but it is clear that you no idea about how lame and awful that bit really was. Here it is:

Granted, we know that this is a free country and Mattera can produce whatever he likes. It's his show. And for those who think we are being "sensitive" again, why does Mattera continue to tweet at us? Jason, chill out, bro. You are now a radio personality for WABC. Get tougher skin. We just said your segment sucked and it was racist. #NoMames, güey. 

Here is what Jason told us first after we tweeted out the segment and how dumb it was:

Then this one:

We had to reply at the one (since Mattera's website gets less traffic than a Sunday morning on an Indiana highway):

And then this one, which he tweeted later tonight (can you let it go?):

We will say this, really, Bori, using the power of one of the country's largest radio audiences to just do what so many so-called Patriots do? We expect it from the nativists, but when it comes from your own? Damn, that is sad. Just sad. Where do we send the vendido check to? You have to fight it from all fronts. All the time.

By the way, Jason, call us when you have more than 75 people talking about you on Facebook?

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