On Puerto Rico’s Constitution Day, Univision Wishes Puerto Ricans a Happy Independence Day

Jul 25, 2012
9:19 PM

Maybe some of Univision's affiliates need a little history lesson about Puerto Rico.

Today, July 25, Puerto Rico celebrates Constitution Day, the day that commemorates Puerto Rico's Commonwealth (some would say "Colonial") relationship with the United States. Puerto Rico's Commonwealth government was established 60 years ago in 1952, and for those that really need to know, July 25, 1898 was the day US troops landed in (some would say "invaded") Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War.

Nonetheless, the following teaser from Univision wished all Puerto Ricans a Happy independence Day. Oops. Last time we checked, Puerto Rico is still a territory (colony) of the United States.


This lack of knowledge does not surprise us. There is so much ignorance about Puerto Rico, it hurts. Just look at what The Huff Post did today as well: choose 71 celebrities who are of Puerto Rican descent. Really? THIS is what we have become? Celebrating Constitution Day (or Occupation Day or even worse, the 34th anniversary of Cerro Maravilla) with boricua stars (even with two stars you admitted were not Puerto Rican)? Right now, Pedro Albizu Campos is rolling in his grave. The dumbing down of the masses is just sad. 

The fact is that July 25 is a complex date in Puerto Rico. NotiCel in Puerto Rico offers its take on this Univision goof.