Univision Apologizes on Twitter for Puerto Rican “Independence Day” TV Spot

Jul 26, 2012
8:47 PM

Last night, Latino Rebels was the first English-language outlet to report the "oops moment" by Univision, which had broadcast a July 25 video wishing Puerto Rico a Happy Independence Day on what is Constitution Day to some (the 60th anniversary of Puerto Rico's Commonwealth government) and Occupation Day (when US troops invaded the island in 1898) to others.

It was kind of a big deal, since July 25 is a date in Puerto Rican history that is so complex. For example, 34 years ago, the Cerro Maravilla tragedy occurred.

Late last night, just two hours after we published the the story and it became viral, Univision's Twitter account tweeted out an apology in both Spanish and English:

It still perplexes us that the "mistaken" video was even broadcast in the first place. But a sincere thanks for the apology, Univision, even though as one of Latinolandia's largest networks in the world, you would think that such an apology didn't need to happen in the first place. Open up some history books the next time? It's cool, though. You answered the issue quickly.

In the meantime, Univision has taken down some YouTube videos of the incident down due to "copyright claims." But a few videos of the gaffe have been captured and are still available: