Adviser to Puerto Rican Speaker of House Apologizes for Anti-Obama Tweets, Then Blocks People

Aug 3, 2012
4:32 PM

Last night, after facing several days of controversy surrounding racist (and bitherism) tweets she made about President Obama, Heidi Wys Toro, a top adviser (and Chief of Staff) to Jenniffer González, Puerto Rico's Speaker of the House, tweeted out several apologies, deleted the tweets that got her into trouble in the first place, and then proceeded to make her Twitter account private and block Puerto Rican media outlets (such as NotiCel) from reading any more of her tweets.

The following screen grab from NotiCel shows what Wys Toro tweeted last night.

The first tweet said the following:  "I am sorry that the tweets made against B. Obama were understood to be racist. My intention was to attack a politician that I don't believe in. In light of the fact that…"

The text continues: "The Speaker of the House was unfairly attacked, I want to disassociate her as well as the House of Representatives from this incidents. The tweets were…"

It concludes: "coming from me (or from my own personal character/account) and from my own personal residence. My excuses to those who felt offended. I combat Obama the politician and not the person."

After those tweets were published, Wys Toro deleted the original tweets that caused her social media mess in the first place. The original screen captures were reported here a few days ago, before other English-language media outlets began to cover what Wys Toro had shared.

Now Wys Toro has protected her Twitter account. Looks like she learned her lesson how problematic social media can become if you don't think before you tweet.