The Talented @FunnyLatino Offers His Video Response to NY Times Article on Latino Programming

Aug 8, 2012
12:20 PM

We got the following video from @FunnyLatino today on our Facebook wall and we are glad we did.

Román Suárez is a Bronx-born comic/actor/writer. He is one of the countless of talented individuals who have connected with our online communities. Suárez offered this video response to the New York Times piece called "Networks Struggle to Appeal to Hispanics."

Now that is how you offer good solutions to networks. Can you imagine a collective of creative talent brought it to think of the next great show? We wonder if networks would even listen, but we are. has been known for its critiques and commentary about how major net still don't "get" the US Latino population. Like our jefe @julito77 said in the the Times piece, when discussing the train wreck that was ¡ROB!:

For Julio Ricardo Varela, the founder of the Web site Latino Rebels, both the content of “Rob” and how it was marketed relied too much on stereotypes.

“ ‘Rob’ was a big running joke among our community,” Mr. Varela said. “It just felt lazy, stale and I think that mainstream television is missing the boat.” Mr. Varela noted a contest on the show’s Facebook page where viewers were invited to hit a virtual piñata to “whack and win” a trip to the show’s set. Also on the page were promotional images of Mr. Schneider and the rest of the cast in a conga line. “I thought the marketing was beyond ridiculous,” Mr. Varela said.

We would love to join @FunnyLatino and others in going beyond the weak and stereotypical content that is still being churned out by major networks. The time to change the paradigm is now, and if the networks don't want it, we don't need them.