SNL Fails (Again) in Its Attempt to Get All “Latino” on Us With Stale Mimi Morales Character

Sep 18, 2012
7:59 AM

FYI, Cecily Strong isn’t even Latina.

Yes, we know: we really want NBC's SNL to actually start producing Latino-themed comedy that is actually good. We love it when SNL gets all political, but when it comes to Latino humor, the show has been missing the mark since… forever. This is what happens when your writing staff and 99.9% of your talent is not Latino. As a result, when the show tries to diversify, it fails miserably.

This week, SNL introduced Mimi Morales, portrayed by new cast member Cecily Strong, a former Second City alum. The bit (below) just disappointed. Granted, this was Strong's first week on the show, but we don't know what bothered us more: was it her accent, which was all over the place? The stale stereotype of a young teenaged Latina with her Dominican boyfriend? The fact that Mimi really didn't offer any realy juicy comedic insight about why Republicans can't capture the Latino vote? Yes, yes, and yes.

Here is the clip:

The topic was dripping with opportunity (three ideas right here: Mitt Romney's "Mexican" heritage, Julián Castro vs. Marco Rubio, Hispandering 101) and once again, SNL missed a golden comedic chance by taking a route that was superficial, stereotypical, boring, and (the biggest sin) not funny. Even weighed in:

Morales, a 17-year-old Latina and "Get Out the Vote" volunteer, never got to the nitty gritty as to why the Hispanic vote is important during this presidential election, but the issue has graduated to mainstream media now that SNL has tackled it.

In SNL fashion, Morales played up the stereotypes. She gave attitude, talked with her hands, and brought her Dominican boyfriend with her because he is so jealous and protective.

Come on, SNL, get with the program. Hire more diverse writers who would have killed this skit. We guarantee that if you do, your attempts at Latino-themed comedy would greatly improve overnight. Your bar is pretty low right now. The only way is up.