Bilingual “My Immigration Status” Video by DREAMer Chico Méndez Goes Viral on YouTube

Sep 21, 2012
2:01 PM

Why do we love YouTube? Because there is always original and new content showing up by the minute.

Here is a bilingual song by Chico Méndez called "My Immigration Status." Since it was uploaded on late last week, it has gotten over 17,000 views and counting. Talk about honesty. Paz, Chico.

Here is what Chico posted to his viewers on his YouTube:

Gracias a todos de los que me apoyan ¡y gracias a mis haters! que sin ellos la canción no tendría tanto pege 😀 Yo he sufrido bastante para que me afecte cualquier commentario de alguien que no conozco. ¡Estoy encantado que esta cancieon ha tocado los corazones de mucha gente! Es mi vida como un dreamer desde los 4 años. La de nuestros padres que an sufrido para darnos una mejor vida! No hago rap para ser ceelebre, o fumo, o quiero ser un pandillero, solo quiero con mi música abra los ojos de milliones

Thanks everyone for the support !! (: and thanks to my haters as well! Without yall the word would not spread as fast either! 😀 Im glad this song has made so many ppl cry and touched so many hearts. Its my life as a Dreamer here from a young age. 4 the parents and immigrants that have fought the struggles of racism for a better life for your kids!!! Im not here 2 have swag,smoke weed,or be a gangster.Im not here 2 be a celebrity either.Im just here 2 tell what many ppl dont say… the truth!