Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown Says NO to the DREAMers: Sorry, Kids, You Are Here Illegally

Sep 23, 2012
10:29 PM

Last week, Massachusetts senator Scott Brown (R), who is facing a tough re-election bid against Elizabeth Warren (D), spent an hour talking with 96.9 Boston Talks' "Jim and Margery Show." The interview covered many topics, but we have to thank the show's hosts for asking Brown about his positions on immigration.

The following three-minute clip touches on all the same neo-nativist themes that have become the standard for the Republican Party. The fact is that Brown is just replicating the 2012 GOP immigration memo (championed by Kobach), and he might as well be running for senator in Arizona. Brown's answers do not surprise us. In the end, no matter how much Brown is trying to portray himself as an independent voice for Massachusetts, his views and comments about immigration put him in the same crowd as the Kris Kobachs and Joe Arpaios of the world. Like Brown says about the DREAMers: "I feel badly [for this kids who are here illegally], but I feel worse for those who have been trying to do it legally." Sorry, kids, you don't belong here.

Yes, Brown is against The DREAM Act and for Secure Communities. And when it comes to getting more work visas for the Irish (hey, it's an election year and it is Massachusetts), start handing them out as soon as possible. What is ironic about how Brown's ignorance is that "deferred action" is not just for DREAMers with Latino surnames. If Brown and his staff actually did their homework, there are Irish DREAMers in this country, too.