Video of Philly Cop Punching Woman Goes Viral and Police Chief Says He’s “Deeply Troubled”

Oct 2, 2012
8:12 PM

Less than two days after the YouTube channel of Gisela Valentin uploaded a video of a Philadelphia police officer punching a women following the city's Puerto Rican Day Parade, the video has already gotten over 900,000 views as of this posting. UPDATE: the original video can no longer be embedded, so we had to use an embed from another channel.

In the meantime, reported tonight that Philadelphia police commissioner Charles H. Ramsey was 
"deeply troubled" by the video, which shows Lt. Jonathan Josey punching Aida Guzman before Guzman is arrested. Here is what reported:

"From what I saw, it's difficult to justify the actions that took place," Ramsey said. Josey's punch to the woman's head, which knocked her to the ground and bloodied her face, appeared to be a case of excessive force being used to make an arrest, Ramsey said.

According to, "Police apparently thought she was throwing liquid at a group of officers, which led Josey to target her." The story also said that Guzman has not spoken to police and that Ramsey felt that having Guzman speak to police would "help move the investigation forward."

Interestingly, the original video had two people speaking in Spanish. One person was worried that police would confiscate the the device filming the video while the other person supposedly filming the video assured the other person to not worry. Who knew that in just two days, close to 1 million people would view it.