Faux Outrage Towards @EvaLongoria Tweets Gets Ugly and Racist

Oct 20, 2012
1:16 AM

This is why it is always best to think before you retweet a Romney "twat" tweet to 4.4 million followers when you are a co-chair of the Obama for America campaign. Millions of people are watching and the conservative social media outrage machine that has become its own industry is ready to pounce on you. That is what happened to Eva Longoria this week and the week before.

Now conservative blogger/columnist Michelle Malkin is sharing her thoughts about the whole Longoria mess with NewsBusters ("Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria Gets Schooled"), and the racist comments she is getting from readers is reprehensible. After all this outrage that called for Longoria's resignation from the Obama campaign, we are wondering if people like Malkin would have the courage to respond to readers who have posted lovely threads such as these:

Screen Capture: Newsbusters

You can't have it both ways, Michelle. If you are going to call out Longoria for retweets you and many of your Twitter followers found offensive and insulting, you should also engage the racists who are supporting you for your Longoria piece. Because if you don't, then it really is just a game for you and for all the others who claim that they are exposing hypocrisy and hate. But alas, we doubt you will, because in the end, people like the racists in your column's thread are the people you need to read you content and buy your books. Why call out your customers, right?

Now, we kind of knew this would happen. It always does. Wait until a public figure goofs on Twitter. "Expose" that mistake. Express outrage. Then let your readers take it down a racist path that serves no purpose, while you stay silent and start thinking of the next person to expose on social media.

Practice what you preach, Michelle. Why do we think that won't happen?

As for Longoria? Do you now see why you should maybe pause before you start retweeting things that in the end will just cause problems and have people start getting racist and ugly? This is what people do now. They wait for you to share your news because you have 4.4 million Twitter followers. With great social media power, comes great social media responsibility.