A New Cuéntame Video: “This Is What Happens When Latinos Don’t Vote”

Oct 22, 2012
11:37 PM

Leave it to our friends at Cuéntame to produce some very high-quality content that tries to educate and inform.

Here is their latest video, "This is What Happens When Latinos Don't Vote." For more information, visit LatinosDontVote.com.

Here is what their YouTube channel says:

The stakes in this election for the Latino community are at an all-time high. Instead, anti-immigrant rhetoric, electoral and issue misinformation has been increasingly latent. 

This is a problem – while both sides are working hard to court the Latino votes – they are largely neglecting what is truly essential to our community in this country.

Instead of mobilizing Latino voters to the polls, there is a palpable effort and narrative that Latinos are simply "not enthusiastic" this time around. This is a lie. 

"Latinos Don't Vote" is designed to bring these issue to the forefront of the political discussion in the last leg of this electoral season. We aim to both combat negative stereotypes about Latinos and prove that our community will go out and vote this November.