El Día De Los Muertos Through the Ojos of El Fotógrafo

Nov 2, 2012
3:12 PM

On this Day, many through out the U.S., Mexico and Latin America will be celebrating El Día de los Muertos, a holiday founded on indigenous beliefs that on this day the dead come to visit the living. It is family event in which people go visit the graves of deceased loved ones and create ofrendas displaying pictures, favorite foods, books, etc. of the deceased in order to make them feel at home in their journey back to the living.

DDLM ofrenda at Chicano and Latino Studies U of MN

Day of the Dead is an important holiday that shows us the truth behind what the indigenous people of Mexico and other Sudamerican countries believed. That life and death are part of our everyday cycle and that we need to see the beauty in death in order to appreciate the living. The best way to experience El Día De Los Muertos, is to visit an ofrenda or a procession that some cities hold

But if you don't have the time, we leave you with these amazing photos of Dia De Los Muertos taken by Minneapolis-based photographer Andrew MacDonald: