VIDEO: It’s Time to FACE THE VOTE in Minnesota

Nov 4, 2012
11:37 PM

This Election Day Minnesotans will vote on Amendment 2, also known as the Voter ID law.

You can read up as to the many reasons why a NO vote is the way to go or you can just recall one YES group's racist images in the early days of the campaign. No matter, you should watch the following two videos produced by the Twin Cities' Hip Hop community to raise awareness. It's time to Face the Vote.

Learn more about the videos here:

Face The Vote (FTV) is part of a very large community reaction to the Voter Suppression (Voter ID) bill. The concept behind FTV is simple. The Twin Cities Hip Hop community has decided to put a face on the voters affected by the suppression bill. So with artists from all walks and backgrounds FTV formed and sprang into action.

Face The Vote includes: The Lioness, Mally, Danami, Toki Wright, Maria Isa, Kaleem, B Dot Croc, Nazeem, Muja, Felix, I Self Devine, Master Mind, and Jamecia Bennett.

Video Produced / Directed / Edited / Colorist: Adam J Dunn (

Music Produced by: Nicademus

Face the Vote (EP) Executive Produced by: Bobby Jo Champion & Nick Muhammad

Songs recorded by: Bishop

Tracks mastered by: A. Greenwald