Marc Anthony Shoots Back at Puerto Rico’s Pro-Statehood Party for Misusing His Video

Nov 5, 2012
8:34 AM

Marc Anthony and his handlers are a bit upset this morning at Puerto Rico's pro-statehood New Progressive Party (PNP) for using an Anthony video that shows the 44-year-old music superstar endorsing PNP leader and incumbent governor Luis Fortuño.

Here is the video taken from a PNP election rally for Fortuño, who is facing a tough re-election bid against opponent Alejandro García Padilla (a pro-commonwealth Democrat):

The video, which was used to Introduce Fortuño under a huge JEFE sign, shows Anthony saying that even though Puerto Rico has faced tough challenges, the island is in great hands with Fortuño and that the governor is Anthony's good friend.

Anthony is one of President Obama's most vocal Latino supporters, and many who follow Puerto Rican politics were perplexed to see Anthony on video supporting Fortuño, who has become a very visible and vocal surrogate of Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. Although it is common to see a small number pro-statehood Democrats or pro-commonwealth Republicans on the island, Anthony's video still raised some eyebrows. 

This morning, Puerto Rico's El Nuevo Día reported that a spokesperson for Anthony issued a statement saying that the video was misused and inaccurate. Here is a translation of that article:

The office that handles the career of Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony yesterday clarified its position on the video that was recorded and presented on Saturday night where he appeared endorsing the candidacy of Governor Luis Fortuño.

The actor, who has spoken in favor of Democratic President Barrack Obama, sent a press release clarifying his position. "The context of this message has been completely misrepresented," said Blanca LaSalle, a spokesperson for the artist.

"First of all, Marc Anthony has always had a great love and respect for their island and all the people who live in it. One of his priorities as well you know, has been raise the name of Puerto Rico wherever he goes, and that is public knowledge," LaSalle emphasized.

"[Marc’s] participation in the video that has been talked about this weekend has been presented and interpreted as a supposed 'endorsement' to a party, and that is not the reality of the matter. The intention has always been to unite, and to no to separate or disrespect the people of Puerto Rico," LaSalle added.

The salsa star has been criticized by various sectors after his statements in favor of Governor Luis Fortuño Burset, which were shown in a video aired during the final campaign rally of the New Progressive Party.

In fact, social networks began circulating news about Anthony's endorsement, and this was not well received among the leaders of Puerto Rican neighborhoods in New York City.