Noticiero Univision Misleads Viewers with Headline of “KKK Members” Celebrating Arpaio Win

Nov 8, 2012
5:12 PM

Today, the video section of Noticiero Univision posted a report with a headline that read "Members of the Klu Klux Klan Celebrate Arpaio's Victory." As we watched the video, the reporter kept saying that the members allegedly were part of the KKK and never really reported that they were actually members. Throughout the video we see a black woman expressing her outrage for what the four hooded people were doing, as well as others' anger.

However, the most important part of the story—that the hooded people were Latino and that maybe, just maybe, they were protesting Joe Arpaio's re-election as sheriff of Maricopa County—was revealed at the end. Sorry, Noticiero Univision, your title truly misled viewers. That is just poor reporting. The next time, report a headline that actually tells what the story is about? Here is the video. What do you think?