Meet Bryan Fischer, the November 2012 #NoMames Award Recipient

Nov 14, 2012
5:30 PM

Guess Bryan Fischer didn't get the memo about last week's election and why the GOP is hurting in its quest to gain more favor from U.S. Latino voters.

Just watch this. Seriously, just watch it. It is only about 1 minute long, and we say #NoMames. Hey, Bryan Fischer, you know why you have no clue about U.S. Latinos? Because you are a "pendejo by nature."

Yes, he said it, and it case you want to read about what he said, you can check out the original post. Here is just a snippet:

On Friday's program, Fischer said that America never had a problem with immigration when the bulk of the immigrants came from Europe because they shared our heritage, values, and worldview. But recently, most immigration has been coming from non-European third-world countries where people do not possess the Protestant Work Ethic and expect the government to take care of them.

In fact, said Fischer, Hispanics do not vote Democratic because of the issue of immigration but rather because "they are socialists by nature" who want open borders simply so that they can bring in their families to "benefit from the plunder of the wealth of the United States."

As Fischer sees it, there is nothing the Republican can do to ever woo Hispanics away from the Democratic Party … and that is "one of the reasons why we've got to clamp down on immigration."

We can't, we just can't. Yes, people, this is part of America. And for those who want to know who Bryan Fischer is, he is the director of (wait for it), the American Family Association, also now known as the Pendejo Party.