“TANKSGIVEN” School Sign Error from Brownsville Goes Viral and It Gets Ugly

Nov 16, 2012
1:55 PM

File this one under the "unfortunate" files. As reported by the local Brownsville press, a school sign about the Thanksgiving holiday has gone viral on Facebook and it is eliciting responses that range from the humorous to the ugly.

According to reports, officials at Cummings Middle School confirmed that the sign was real and that someone took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook before it was corrected. Most of the comments mocked the picture for a laugh, although some comments were more serious:

And we continue to wonder why we, as Latinos, are always being stereotyped as uneducated and lazy. The school administration should be ashamed and embarrassed.

blame it on the day job….or the fact that my own parents struggle with English, but it really bothers me that people make fun of mistakes like this. Admins should write down what they want their marquee to say. Those in charge of changing the marquee only focus on their manual labor and they are spelling to the best of their abilities Ok, end rant….antes de que me digan que soy un agua fiestas!

Really? Instead of posting this, and making fun of him, why don't you be a good human being, and help him? I would like to see you write something in another language 100 percent correct every time! Obviously, english is not his first language. Administration should have written it down for him to copy! Don't get me wrong, I notice spelling mistakes just as much as the next person, but I don't take a picture and post it on the internet for the whole effing world to see! People are so judgmental and rude these days! It really makes me sad!!

If he was my dad I would be very proud of him. I am sure that he didn't have the luxury of a free education. Plus he is only following orders. I am more upset at the lady that is just standing there and not telling him to stop 🙁 Just take a look at the last names of all the people that are posting. jaja We are making fun of our own people instead of helping. Just saying 🙂

And a few comments from Latino residents of Brownsville were just ugly:

That's what you get when most of the people employed by the county, bisd, city, are from Mexico… Why not hire the cholos that fill their baskets to the brim with food bought with food stamps?

So unacceptable….ah raza! He needs "Ingles sin Barreras"

Just call Brownsville pD… To come shoot that custodian just like they did that kid… I wish I was there to kick that ladder…from under him

As for us? It's always hard to see young Latinos mock their own. Sad.