VIDEO: The “Los IceHogs Night” Fail Was a “Fiesta on Ice”

Nov 17, 2012
10:35 PM

A lot has been written about "Los IceHogs Night" in Rockford, IL, this past week. You know where the Rebeldes stand on it and what our jefe had to say about it for NBC Latino. And don't get us started about the fact that the group that helped to design the now infamous Los IceHogs jerseys was a professional Latino awareness organization from Rockford. Now you can have your own local video report about it.

"It was a fiesta on ice." Ugh. Too bad WTVO's Scott Leber, who wrote the following—It was a night that featured maracas, Hispanic music and food, and bright-colored team jerseys with a Latino Hammy logo—didn't ask us for an opinion. Our answer would have been the following: "We don't know what was lamer, Scott. The offensive jerseys with a sombrero-wearing mustachioed pig? Dora the Explorer making a visit? Little kids shaking maracas and thinking that this is what Latino culture is about? Or how about all of it?