The Latest #NoMames Award Goes to Viral Racist Meme from “American Strong”

Nov 24, 2012
8:37 PM

Here is the short answer to a viral Facebook meme that has gotten over 160,000 likes and over 22,000 shares: we don't agree with you.

As for the long answer to the ignorance that is still being promoted and celebrated by the haters, here are just a few reminders:

  • Speaking Spanish doesn't make you "illegal," pendejos. It only makes us smarter than you. (Sidenote: Also learn to spell? It's "accommodate," not "accomodate.")
  • Unlike you so-called patriots, we can school you in two languages, and make more money than you because of it. Is that why you hate us so much? FYI, in case you don't know, there is a global economy going on around you. Being monolingual in this day and age is a lot like being someone with bubonic plague. You are not in high demand. Time to adapt, white American Republican male.
  • You guys still feeling a bit stung by the 2012 vote? Here's a quick reminder: the more you accept the fact that this country is changing and that (gasp) the vast majority of Americans love this country, too, the better we can heal. But if you want to just express your hate with viral Facebook memes that make you feel superior, go crazy. We promise that when the United States gets more diverse, we will still make room for you at the table. We will need the diversion.
  • Keep staying ignorant. You are just afraid of change, and instead of claiming that anyone who speaks a foreign language is unAmerican and "illegal," maybe you should educate yourselves a bit and stop manipulating your racism and hate towards your fellow Americans. But we guess you have to blame someone for your fear, right? We get it. But we won't allow it to happen. We know you are angry and feel threatened by some "illegal immigrant" bogeyman, but here's a bit of advice: less hating, more educating.
  • Yeah, we know, being Latino is the shit right now. You guys are having issues with the spotlights on Latinos. Suck it, nativist patriots. Or better still, #NoMames.