Racist Mexican Images Surface on Public Facebook Profiles of Baylor Students

Nov 30, 2012
9:14 PM

We got the following from a Tumblr fan who shared it with us on our Facebook page, proving once again that posting your racism on public searchable Facebook pages is not recommended. You would think that people would know by now.

This set of images comes from the profile of a person who is listed as a student of Baylor University and who decided to make an image of her and her friends dressed up in sarapes, sombreros, mustaches, black shoe polish and “Green Card?” signs into her public Facebook banner. When the blogger who encountered the image questioned the student, the image was changed and the profile became private.

Source: Facebook

And while you are it, why not have fun scaling a border fence while your college friends whoop it up? As the student’s Instagram says of this pic (page is now deleted): “Best entrance ever #lodge #mexicans #hoppinthafence viva mexicooooo!!”

Source: Instagram

Hey, we understand that kids want to have fun, but when your ugly racism becomes searchable and available on the Internet, you might run into some problems, and this was one of those cases. Kids will be kids, but who thought that this was a good idea and who thought that posting it on Facebook on a public banner would be an even better idea?

Next time, wear togas and call it a night.