Adam Carolla’s Mind-Boggling Anti-Mexican Rant: EXPLICIT

Dec 1, 2012
12:14 PM

Adam Carolla has one of the most popular "comedy" podcasts in the world. He should stick to comedy and leave the cultural analysis to people that actually have a clue. Free speech is free speech, but at least be accurate about your ignorance and racism.

As first reported by The Daily Caller (yes, the Daily Caller), here is what Carolla had to say about California's struggles (FYI: we tried to embed DC's video but their codes don't work, so we had to create a YouTube embed of the clip):

We don't know what is worse, listening to the video or reading what Carolla (has anyone told him that his name has an "ll" in it and has anyone suggested to him where that "ll" came from?) had to say:

“Schools are ****ing ruined, and schools are ruined — not because they’re out of money, but because we’re flooded with Mexicans, and they’re not into studying. They don’t come from that culture, and we’re not asking them to change. That’s the thing. We have a culture that is not focused on the schoolwork. It’s a different culture. It’s, by the way, why their culture is failing, and their country, ironically — it’s why they’re here. They’re here because they ain’t into studying. And somebody needs to tell them to get into studying.”

The family has to get into studying. The families have to be — the family is all you’re ever going to use, or all you’re ever going to need, when it comes to this topic. There’s just not enough money for the school system. There’s not enough principals. … You’ve heard this speech a million times. Families need to take cultures. Basically what we need to is go, ‘Look, here’s our culture. Our culture values family, studying and hard work and education.’ That’s our culture. Now you’re presumably coming from a country that does not focus on that as much in your culture.”  

We have politicians that don’t want to fight that culture. They don’t want to go against that culture, and we have people in the media who will be called a bigot the second they suggest that culture should change to our culture. Our culture is better than your culture and would you like to know why? You’re here. If your culture was better than our culture, then we would be there, or at least you wouldn’t be here. So let’s first settle the argument of whose culture is better: Our culture. That’s why you’re here.”

Are there ****ed up things about our culture? Yes. Are there good things about your culture? Yes. But when you stand back and you look at the totality of where you would like your child raised, you go here. Now, if we change this culture to your culture, we’re not going to have our culture and then we will no longer be where we need to be.

Carolla makes a living off this ignorance, as you can hear in the following clip from 2011. If he truly wants to have an honest discussion about this, invite us on his show and let's have one. In the meantime, Adam, #NoMames.