#BoicotLaComay Opposition Uses Connecticut Tragedy to Criticize Boycott Supporters

Dec 14, 2012
10:20 PM


It was bound to happen, because in Puerto Rico, whenever there is an up, there is always a down.

Right after the #BoicotLaComay Facebook page was formed to protest WAPA’s “SuperXclusivo” show and comments made about the brutal death of publicist José Enrique Gómez, a page to support the top-rated show formed. As of tonight, the No al Boicot a La Comay Facebook page has about 13,400 likes and 17,000 people talking about it, while the original Boicot a La Comay page is now at 72,061 likes and 97,499 talking about it.


The pro-Comay page essentially continues to slam the anti-Comay page, which has succeeded to convince major brands to stop advertising on the gossip show, causing WAPA to lose millions of dollars in revenue.

Today, however, the pro-Comay page took its criticism a bit too far. While referring to a report that Minnie González, a Connecticut state representative and President of National National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, offered the NHSCL’s public support for the Comay boycott, the No Al Boicot a La Comay page used a Facebook post to suggest that González should worry more about mass shootings in her own home state than speak out against shows in Puerto Rico. Here is the post:


It translates as follows:

Mrs. Minnie González, a Connecticut state representative, because instead of getting involved with La Comay for the sake of getting publicity, why doesn’t she worry about what is happening in Connecticut, where today 20 people were killed, including children, at a school. Or will she blame La Comay for that too? GET TO WORK!!!!

The post refers to today’s shooting in a Newtown, CT elementary school, which left 28 people dead, including 20 children. Talk about illogical conclusions and poor taste. But this type of behavior is classic Comay-like, and her supporters seem to lap it up. Just continue to make outrageous associations and uncorroborated claims, and people will believe you eventually.

In the meantime, the No Boycott page will continue to provide the other side of the debate, which claims that the Comay boycott is limiting the show’s freedom of expression and that it is a form of censorship (they are wrong on both counts). Besides the tasteless post about the Connecticut shooting, the No Boycott page shared images of a pro-show gathering of people (with professional signs and everything) in front of WAPA today.

Fact is, the “SuperXclusivo” show can continue to broadcast all it wants. We just wonder how it will survive its current format if it continues to lose so many advertisers (today’s latest brands to pull out: Ford, Kia, Sprint). Welcome to capitalism—where people decide how to spend their money.

As for the No to the Boycott page? Our advice is simple: offer your point of view with class and dignity. Don’t bring horrible shooting tragedies that have caused a raw nerve in the US sway your debate. You might gain more respect that way.