Comedy Central Responds to Rebels About Daily Show “La Comay” Segment

Dec 14, 2012
2:52 PM

After running a story this morning about The Daily Show not mentioning the current boycott of WAPA-TV’s “SuperXclusivo” program (the top-rated show in Puerto Rico) during a segment with Wyatt Cenac, we reached out to Comedy Central for comment.


We requested to see if someone would speak to the segment, which shows Cenac interviewing La Comay and basically celebrating her brand. We received the following response from their Comedy Central’s corporate communications team:

Last night was the show’s last episode of the year and they are currently on hiatus until January 7th.

This is the same response that Comedy Central gave ABC News, who linked back to our original story. So we guess that no one wants to answer the question. Considering that The Daily Show is known for asking the tough questions, it is disappointing that they won’t provide any additional details as to why the segment aired without any mention of the current boycott and how the show is losing advertisers daily due to controversial comments made by the show last Tuesday about the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. Sorry, we’re on vacation.

In the meantime, according to the Boicot La Comay Facebook page (70K+ likes in about eight days), the following brands pulled their advertising from the show today: Ford Puerto Rico and Kia Motors Puerto Rico. These two companies have joined a growing list of advertisers who had quickly walked away from the show, which according to reports, is now losing over a million dollars each week in revenue.

While many think that the boycott is not going to last, today it received a major boost when the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators revealed its public support for the boycott. Here is what Minnie González, a Connecticut state representative of Puerto Rico and the NHCSL President, told El  Nuevo Día (translation is ours):

No hay espacio para programación ofensiva y maliciosa que daña la imagen de los latinos en general y en el caso específico de  puertorriqueños, particularmente cuando eso proviene de nuestra misma comunidad. (There is no place for this type of offensive and malicious programming that damages the image of Latinos in general and Puerto Ricans, specifically, especially when it comes from our own community.)