“SuperXClusivo” Ratings Plunge to 18.8: Is #BoicotLaComay Working?

Dec 18, 2012
10:17 PM

Is #BoicotLaComay working? Earlier today, Glenn Santana, the TV reporter for Puerto Rico’s Primera Hora, tweeted the latest television ratings for the 6pm-7pm slot:



Looks like “SuperXclusivo” and La Comay just got some more bad news, besides dramatic losses in ad revenues. Santana’s information contradicts yesterday’s claim from WAPA TV that the show’s ratings average was around 24.9%. In November, the show’s rating reached as high as 30%, and even though WAPA told ABC News today that the low ratings were due show now being in reruns.

The Boicot a La Comay page, which is at 73,000+ likes, claimed victory in the rather sharp ratings drop when it announced the latest brand to pull its ads from the show: Master Card.

So in one corner you have a network claiming that a 12-point ratings drop is due to a show being in reruns, while the boycott is claiming victory with another brand leaving the show (the list is now over 45 brands) and causing the ratings to drop. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between.

Meanwhile, the boycott movement is publicizing a march for peace in San Juan and New York this Wednesday evening. For some reason, we don’t think this story will go away. It is just starting.