WAPA-TV President Says That “SuperXclusivo” and La Comay Won’t Be Cancelled… For Now

Dec 18, 2012
12:22 AM


We guess this is what happens when you get calls from The New York Times. In yesterday’s Times, Joe Ramos, President of Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV and WAPA América, admitted that he had considered canceling the “SuperXclusivo” show with puppet host La Comay in response to a very public boycott that has led to major brands canceling their ads on the show.

On Monday, Ramos issued a statement to the Puerto Rican press to say that he has no intention of canceling the island’s top-rated show, which is known for its controversial topics, but has a long history of shady journalism, innuendo reported as fact, and has also been known to be blatantly anti-gay and homophobic.



Here is El Nuevo Día reported today (translation is ours):

…today [Ramos] affirmed, “at this moment, the program will continue.”

“As a media outlet, we have the obligation and duty to listen to and evaluate different opinions, from the most extreme to the least critical. This case has not been, nor will it be, the exception. However, this is a program that has been on the air for 14 years and seeing that it has maintained the support of viewers, we have to be

“Como medio de comunicación, tenemos la obligación y el deber de escuchar y evaluar las diferentes opiniones, desde la más extrema hasta la menos crítica. Este caso no ha sido ni será la excepción. Sin embargo, este es un programa que lleva 14 años en el aire y al ver que mantiene el apoyo de los televidentes, we must be cautious in our the analysis of all aspects. At this moment, the program will continue.”

When asked about the economic impact of having brands cancel their advertising, Ramos said that “in respect to our advertising spots, our corporate policy does allow us to divulge any of the channel’s financial information.” According to reports, WAPA is now losing about $1.3 million per week in revenue. END also reported that WAPA TV said that the December 10–14 ratings for “SuperXclusivo” had an average of 24.9%. In  November, the show’s ratings fluctuated between 21% and 30.5%.

We continue to reach out to Kobbo Santarrosa, the actor who portrays La Comay, for comment. He has yet to respond to our requests.