From HuffPost Live: “Drop La Comay?”

Dec 20, 2012
1:36 PM

Today HuffPost Live (video here) discussed the recent developments surrounding the “SuperXclusivo” controversy and boycott movement against Puerto Rico’s top-rated show and its puppet host, La Comay.


The segment covered a lot of issues including the story the Rebels broke yesterday and later reported by our founder for NBC Latino about homophonic emails sent by the show. Overall, the HuffPost Live segment does a decent job in presenting the topic (yet the host needed to get a little bit more educated about the subject), and it did get WAPA TV president Joe Ramos to confirm that the show will no longer be broadcast live and that the individual who sent out the emails was being taken care of. We reached out to WAPA right after the show to get more details about Ramos’ comments and this is what WAPA spokesperson Migdali Ortiz Martínez wrote to us:

WAPA does not divulge private information about any of its employees, nor the disciplinary action the company takes against those employees. What we can guarantee you is that we’ve taken steps to ensure that no one else receives this type of communication from WAPA in the future.

Later this evening, WAPA told the following to Univsion News:

While WAPA can’t discuss private personnel matters publicly, please let it stand that no employee of WAPA who sends an email like that has a place at the company.

So, apparently, someone got let go, although we don’t know who.

Ramos also revealed the network will continue to broadcast the show as a recorded show, and not as a live show. He also admitted that the entire boycott has been very one-sided, and that the letter submitted by boycott organizers were very likely deleted because he gets so many emails. Ramos also defended the show, which continues to lose advertisers.

The segment goes into the story’s history of homophobic comments, and discusses the issues of free speech and censorship.

You can catch the whole 30 minutes here.