#NoMames: Racist Mexican Advertising Thriving at Canada’s Koodo Mobile

Dec 26, 2012
11:46 AM

Who would have thought that Canada would enter #NoMames territory, but apparently it has, with Koodo Mobile leading the way.


To think that El Tabador has been around a few years. We are wondering when Koodo starts promoting its Sambo campaign. Sorry, “getting over it” is not the issue here, this is just yet another ignorant example of how brands continue to perpetuate stereotypes all for selling products. We are sure many Canadians thinks this is all in good fun, but memo to them: it’s not. Simple as that. By the way, this video isn’t even funny or clever. If you are going to be clever, at least be a bit authentic.

By the way, looks some Canadians fans have embraced El Tabador. You can friend him on Facebook, and Koodo proudly promotes El Tabador on its official Facebook page, with cringe-worthy Facebook replies and all (“mucho delicioso”).

According to reports, the Tabador character and campaign we conceived and produced by a Portland Oregon’s BENT studios. Ah, hipster racist advertising and animation lives.