AUDIO: Latino Rebels Founder @julito77 on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio

Dec 29, 2012
4:18 PM

2012 was certainly a turning point for the Latino Rebels. The year began with a little bit of luck, which led to spectacular growth, a highly engaged social media community, and 50+ Rebelde stories being picked up by global and national media outlets. Yesterday our founder @julito77 had a chance to talk about the history and the future of the Rebeldes with WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, one of the country’s premiere NPR radio stations.


Here is the entire 30-minute interview with host Marcela García (who rocks, by the way) and Julito (click here). We hope you like Julito’s “NPR” voice.

And many thanks to our newest Rebelde, Charlie García, for sharing the interview with his Twitter stream. The following tweet got over 4,000 RTs and was favorited over 4,000 times as well.