Kobbo Santarrosa, Creator of “La Comay,” Resigns from WAPA TV

Jan 8, 2013
7:33 PM

UPDATE, January 9, 2013, 8:35 AM EST: Santarrosa has confirmed that he resigned from WAPA. The network has yet to comment.

After El Nuevo Día reported that actor/producer Kobbo Santarrosa, the man behind the controversial “SuperXclusivo” show and the face behind the “La Comay” puppet persona, walked out of WAPA TV in response to revisions to the show announced by WAPA president Joe Ramos, Primera Hora reported minutes later that Santarrosa submitted his resignation to the network.


In fact, according to Primera Hora, Santarrosa submitted his resignation yesterday, but the network did not accept it. Updates from END said that the network tried to convince Santarrosa with an offer to change his decision, but to no avail. END also said that Santarrosa’s contract had expired on December 31.

The network ran a repeat of Monday evening’s show, and according to a source that spoke to El Nuevo Día, Santarrosa walked out of WAPA around 5 pm local time because “he was not going to do the show based on the conditions that the network imposed on him after the controversy surrounding the death of slain publicist José Enrique Gómez.”

Latino Rebels left a message with our contact at WAPA, seeking comment, but our calls have not been returned.