Héctor Travieso: Santarrosa Left “SuperXclusivo” After I Quit

Jan 11, 2013
10:06 AM

Reacting to the fallout surrounding his puppet co-host’s resignation from WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo,” Héctor Travieso decided to break his silence and provide his account of the events in Puerto Rico that led to sudden end of the island’s top-rated show. According to a report in El Nuevo Día, Travieso claims that Kobbo Santarrosa, the actor behind the “Comay” puppet character had resigned on Monday, but that WAPA did not accept the resignation. As a result, according to Travieso, Santarrosa returned to the network on Tuesday and had agreed to continue with the show “despite all the restrictions” imposed by WAPA management.


According to Travieso, a misunderstanding on Tuesday with network president Joe Ramos was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Travieso decided to quit the show. He acknowledged that it was a stressful situation, but he also said that “I have principles, dignity.” That is when Travieso said that he told Ramos that he was leaving WAPA.

Then Travieso said that he told Santarrosa about his decision. Santarrosa was shocked, according to Travieso. Travieso told Santarrosa that he would do the Tuesday show and continue until today (Friday, January 11). That is when, according to Travieso, “Kobbo understood that the pressure was too much, that the program would not be successful moving forward like this, so that is when we both made the decision to leave.”

Travieso still maintains that the situation was over a misunderstanding. He also said that “La Comay is a business that makes money, a big business.” As for rumors that the show would move to Miami’s MEGA TV, Travieso said he did not know any details about that.

Travieso also defended his show partner when asked why Santarrosa continues to stay silent about his decision to leave the show. “Because he is innocent. People want to destroy him. What did Kobbo do to deserve this?”

All this comes just more than a month since a “Boicot a la Comay” Facebook page was formed on December 4 to protest comments made by Santarrosa’s Comay character and Travieso regarding the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. According to the boycott page, over 45 companies had pulled their advertising from the show.

Travieso closed his comments by thanking the viewers and by thanking Santarrosa for behaving “like a man with me.”