#ICEFail VIDEO: Stop the Deportation of Edi Arma

Jan 20, 2013
4:58 PM

Just another example of what is happening every day in America. The time to stop the separation of families is now.


Here is what the YouTube channel of Puente Arizona has shared about what happened to Edi Arma and his family:

On Monday, January 14th, the home of a local Phoenix family was raided by ICE agents. Edi Arma, was taken in the morning just as he prepared to take his three children to school. Edi’s oldest son, 11-year old, witnessed the entire raid: “We opened the door and all of a sudden these men jumped on my dad and arrested him. I was so scared. I tried to hug my dad goodbye but they pushed me away.” Edi is currently being held at the Eloy Immigration Prison and is being threatened with immediate deportation.

Sign the petition and demand ICE immediately release Edi Arma from the Eloy immigration prison!

1. Sign the petition http://action.dreamactivist.org/arizona/edi/

2. Call Phoenix ICE and demand Edi’s release (602) 766-7030

“Hi, I was calling to ask for the immediate release of Edi Arma, (A#089-815-011) from the Eloy immigration prison. Based on the memo from your own ICE director, John Morton, Edi is not a priority for deportation. Why was Edi’s family home raided this morning? Let Edi go!”