Tom Tancredo Believes Romney Got 40% of Latino Vote in Arizona

Jan 23, 2013
12:18 PM

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (R) is one of the most vocal anti-immigration voices in the United States. His views are as extreme as they come, and you would think that the recent election would have sent him a message that some in the Republican Party need to start getting a clue about why U.S. Latinos believe that comprehensive immigration reform is an issue that must be resolved, and resolved now.


We do understand that Tancredo has his views, but does he actually have to lie about facts to support his argument? Last night at a local Tea Party event in Colorado, Tancredo shared the surprising news that Governor Mitt Romney had gotten 40% of the U.S. Latino vote in Arizona, justifying Tancredo’s views that his hard line on immigration is on target. The problem, however, is this: Tancredo is wrong. Flat out wrong about his “facts.” Here are two videos of what he said, shared with us by Elliot Fladen.

Tancredo has chosen to ignore some very basic facts:

There is a HUGE difference between 22% of the Latino vote in the general election and 38% of the Latino vote in a GOP primary. Tancredo once again is misrepresenting the facts to prove his case. Too bad the facts he cites are flat-out wrong.

But what does it matter when your main objective is to pretend that even U.S. Latinos in Arizona are for hard-line immigration nativist policies that play into a culture of anti-Latino rhetoric and ignorance? State your “facts,” mention Sheriff Joe, and let’s all party!

It is clear to us that the Republican Party is at a major crossroads when it comes to immigration and that some in the party are making a huge mistake by saying that immigration does not matter to U.S. Latino voters. It does, as well as other issues. But hey, keep living in your fantasy land, Congressman. Keep misinforming your fellow Republicans. Keep pushing the lies.