Another #ICEFail: Save Halina Mowak from Deportation

Jan 25, 2013
9:46 AM

Here is another #ICEFail example shared by United We Dream. Halina Mowak from Poland faces a deportation judge on January 31, another “low priority” case that we thought would not be the focus of the Obama administration. UWD is looking for online signatures that will be sent to ICE Director John Morton.


This is not how you fix a broke immigration system. Halina Mowak is an example of an immigrant who is contributing to society and this country. It’s time to stop the separation of families.

In 2005, Halina was the victim of fraud, enlisting the legal services of someone advertised in her church newsletter. This deceptive lawyer filed the wrong visa paperwork and landed Halina in deportation proceedings.

Halina has been fighting her deportation for years! Now she turns to you as her last hope as she faces an immigration judge this Thursday, January 31.

Please sign our petition to stop the deportation of Halina Nowak, a hardworking and dedicated member of the Arizona community, who moved to the U.S. from Poland nearly 10 years ago for a better life. Halina runs a group home for developmentally disabled children in Peoria, Arizona and her daughter Monika is awaiting her DACA approval.

Sign the petition here to stop Halina’s deportation and keep this family together!