VIDEO: Our Random Thoughts About the Immigration Debate Featured on “Morning Joe” Today

Jan 29, 2013
10:32 AM

Here comes the narrative.

Immigration reform.

Bipartisan support.

The U.S. Latino vote is pissed. Etc, etc, etc.

Today MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the bipartisan push for comprehensive immigration reform was front and center. And it kind of bothered us.


First, watch the video that featured Senators John McCain and Chuck Schumer.

We have watched the video a few times, and quite frankly, our heads our spinning. Here are some of our thoughts, in no order of preference:

  • Who would have ever guessed that Republican Senator Marco Rubio would be the one who used the term “undocumented,” while it is Democratic Senator Schumer who was quick to use the term “illegals?” (Schumer: “There is a strong onus on employers who hire illegals.”)
  • Speaking of Schumer, can we just stop with the whole idea that the “Hispanic community” is a foreign group of people in this country? Why can’t you see U.S. Latinos as (gasp) American citizens? Your patronizing attitude doesn’t help the dialogue.
  • Yeah, Senator McCain, we got it. It is all about the U.S. Latino vote. Great that you talk about the “polarization” of the vote, but let’s be real: immigration is not the only issue out there. This won’t be the only act that makes the GOP Latino-friendly again.
  • Hey, kids, this is all about the militarization of the border, and by border, it is clear that it is the US-Mexico border. There is even talk about drones on that border. Also, we are waiting to hear about when the Canadian border will also fall under the “secure” umbrella. Because aren’t there problems on the Canadian border too?
  • Agreed. This is not about “amnesty,” as both McCain and Schumer pointed out. As McCain pointed out, “This is a tough road to citizenship.” Get ready to pay up to Uncle Sam, everyone. And the senators are right: can the nativists stop talking about “jumping ahead of the line” and pretending that they are really concerned for immigrants? Let’s just be real: the nativists are;l
  • For all those unemployed Americans who are angry that the undocumented are taking away jobs, FYI, companies are hiring. You are more than welcome to apply, please, go ahead and “take our jobs.”
  • Ok, Schumer, you right with this: “When someone commits a wrong, you don’t punish them forever.” That was encouraging.
  • 51% of Americans supporting earned citizenship for the undocumented is not a “majority,” it is a “slim majority.”
  • The idea of an “enhanced Social Security card with biometrics” scares the crap out of us.
  • Can we just say how classist this is? Hey, guest workers, come and milk our cows, thanks, and all those high-tech talent, you are more than welcome to stay.
  • McCain basically told Texas Senator Ted Cruz to suck it.

Hey, we get it, it is all about the mainstream media narrative. Too bad that “Morning Joe” missed an opportunity to have some different voices discussing this issue. Come on, no one called out McCain for his veiled comments about people “who mow our lawns, serve our food, clean our homes, and even watch our children?” Ugh.

Where was the Latino voice in the following panel discussion? Lost opportunity, once again. Seriously? Immigration reform and you have someone speaking with an English accent? Does she even have a clue about this issue? The only point that makes sense here is the fact that Sen. Rubio has a big job to do. Oh yeah, and one more thing, Steve Rattner. What planet are you living on? You do know that Obama is known as the Deporter-in-Chief these days, right?