VIDEO: Stephen Steinlight’s Outrageously Racist Anti-Mexican Speech

Jan 31, 2013
11:20 AM

We started paying attention to Stephen Steinlight after Latina conservative strategist Linda Vega wrote a scathing piece against Steinlight and the nativist Center for Immigration Studies earlier this week called, “Mexicans Are Inferior According to FAIR and CIS.”


Just watch this pendejo. We have no words.

Here is an excerpt of what Vega says about Steinlight’s speech:

In this speech and countless others across the U.S., Mr. Steinlight speaks about the inferiority of Mexicans who migrate to the U.S. because they have lower moral standards and lack intelligence. He interchangeably uses “Illegals” with “Mexicans” as though they are the same word, in effect to confuse the audience. What is interesting about this is that Mr. Steinlight, a Holocaust Scholar, uses the same techniques that Hitler used to use to convince Germans of how Jews were the inferior race in Germany during the 1930s. It is as though the Holocaust scholar has learned the art of persuasion from an evil orator, who not only managed to convince the world that the Jewish community was morally inferior, but its extinction was an actual benefit to mankind. Similarly, Steinlight uses his flamboyant knowledge and skills, even if flawed, to convince audiences across the U.S. of the inferiority of Mexicans. And who would question, such a “reputable” Jewish Scholar of the Holocaust.

The irony of this type of the message and how well he uses the art of persuasion is that he instills self-deprecating humor on his being Jewish, and at some point jokes about joining the KKK in the very same speech. It is as though he works to warm himself to the audience that has probably begun to align themselves with his point of view, but feel some relief that someone like him, a Jew, would openly say such offensive things about another race.
“I’ve been called a white supremacist. By the way, I’m a Jew, so I didn’t know I was white until about 30 years ago. A white supremacist – I don’t think the KKK would take me, well really, they’re short of members now so maybe.”

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