#NoMames: Immigration Facebook Meme of @ConvetAmerica Confirms That It’s All About Racism Against Latinos

Feb 1, 2013
11:21 PM

You’re kidding us, right? If you click on the following link from the Facebook page of the Conservative Veterans for America, you are greeted with this:


Yeah, this whole anti-immigration reform thing has NOTHING to do with the Fear of a Latino Nation. There is no doubt: Racism is thriving on social media.

According the page’s ABOUT section, CVA has some rules:

Founded by David R. Wilson , for those who love this Country, our Flag, our Constitution, and our American Way of life. . PLEASE CLICK LIKE ! You can also follow us on Twitter @ConvetAmerica

To share information and allow others the platform to have a voice in sharing their views, providing they are in compliance with page description below. It is also our mission to entertain when possible.

You need not be a Veteran to post, comment, or like on this page, Your participation is wanted and encouraged. Profanity may cause you to be deleted and banned from this page.
If you like this page please feel free to recommend it to your friends.

I must reiterate, NO PROFANITY!. The first time, your post will be deleted. If you do it again, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from this page, even if I agree with your post.
Finally, as you must gather, since this is a Conservative page, Left wing drivel and Atheistic comments will be deleted and banned without recourse.

We are wondering if we should let Mr. Wilson know about Private First Class Silvestre Santana Herrera, a WWII Medal of Honor recipient who fought as an undocumented individual. Or what about the veterans who fought in Vietnam and were undocumented? Yes, that would be Alfred Rascón, a Medal of Honor recipient who served in Vietnam.

Yo, David R. Wilson, we won’t “violate” your profanity rule on your Facebook page, but since this is our page, you can take your racist crap and shove it. A special video for you: