La Comay’s Replacement on WAPA Premieres February 11: Just More of the Same?

Feb 10, 2013
7:31 PM

Stop and think about this for a minute.

The end of WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo” show began on December 4, 2012, when comments about the brutal death of publicist José Enrique Gómez made by co-hosts Kobbo Santarrosa (the actor who played the “La Comay” puppet) and Héctor Travieso spurned a social media movement that led to show’s demise by January 9, 2013. The events surrounding that story moved quickly, and yet it has really been only about a month since La Comay made her last WAPA appearance.

Now WAPA’s “plans for an exciting new program” have become a reality, just a month after the network put behind the Social Media Boycott that Killed a Top-Rated Show. Tomorrow, Lo Sé Todo (I Know It All) will premiere on WAPA in Puerto Rico and on WAPA América in the United States. And from the looks it, the show’s trailer and publicity suggest that it is just a knockoff of “SuperXclusivo” without a puppet, and it is a definite knockoff of Telemundo Puerto Rico’s “Dando candela,” which will compete against “Lo Sé Todo” in the same timeslot, 5:55 PM local time.

Here is the “Lo Sé Todo” cast:

Here is “Dando Candela’s” cast:


Pretty original, huh? Ok, one has five people and the other cast has six.

Apparently, when WAPA TV President Joe Ramos said on December 21, 2012 that he wanted some time to fix “SuperXclusivo” and improve the show, we guess he was just suggesting that he would be just getting rid of a puppet but yet maintain the same “bochinche” (really annoying gossip) genre? Just keep giving people what they want, and instead of Kobbo and Héctor, now WAPA will roll out Rocky Gallart, Frankie Jay, Silvia Hernández, Jessica Serrano, and Topy Mamery. Ironically, while “Dando Candela” was Telemundo’s answer to “SuperXclusivo,” “Lo Sé Todo” is now WAPA’s answer to “Dando Candela,” which, if you follow the logic, means that “Lo Sé Todo” is nothing new: a mix of humor, entertainment, and investigative reports. Gee, we wonder where we heard that one before?

By the way, WAPA shared a Facebook post tonight about the new show, and apparently no one is buying it. Besides claims of “garbage” and other criticisms, many were longing for “La Comay” to come back, and others saw the new show as what it is: just another lame “bochinche” show. The more things change…